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It’s Time to Pivot

Different Strategy, same Vision

Energy Scheme Service Partner

Australian Energy Schemes are changing and new business opportunities are opening up in renewables, energy efficiency and peak demand reduction. There are also new programs and grants coming on line as Australian governments wrestle with the best way to achieve their Net Zero Emissions ambitions. Where can you turn for good advice, right? Pivot Data knows. Not only that but Pivot Data can help you get where you need to go. Different strategy, same vision™.

Pivot Data is your energy scheme service partner that will help you create value from Government Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Peak Demand Reduction Schemes, Programs and Grants.

Energy Scheme Incentives

Every state and territory in Australia has a Net Zero Emissions Target, as do many privately owned and publicly listed companies. These will become more important and more ubiquitous as we approach 2050.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Peak Load Reduction Schemes pay big incentives to businesses that install technology and supply services that reduce energy consumption or defer it, and produce renewable energy or store it. They’re changing and markets are changing too so, it’s time to pivot.

Energy Efficiency Scheme (ESS) of NSW

Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) of NSW

Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEUP) of VIC

Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) of SA

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS) of the ACT

Federal Renewable Energy Target (RET) of Australia

Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) of Australia

Technology and Industry focused Grants and Programs

Pivot Data supplies services that help Australian businesses create value from Energy Schemes, Programs and Grants in support of Net Zero Emissions Targets.

Energy Scheme Incentives
Service Partner

Energy Scheme Service Partner

Are you starting something new, replacing something broken, or improving on what has always been? Are you being held back by legacy software (you’re not alone) and it all just seems too hard? Or maybe you just need training and support? Whatever. It’s time to upgrade with Pivot Data. 

Pivot Data is also an accredited service partner of Dataforce ASAP and Insight38

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